Grade 8 Option Course Descriptions & Fees 2016-17


Semester ($10 fee)

This course uses a project based and problem solving approach to teach students a variety of technology
and Web 2.0 skills that go beyond basic computer skills. Through individual and group work, students
will learn applications that increase their understanding of and ability with technology.


Semester ($13 fee)

Art students will be active artists in the studio working on creative and thematic projects based on drawing
(various styles & media), painting (watercolor & acrylic), sculpture (clay & soapstone), design (elements
& principles), printmaking (intaglio & relief), and art history (art timeline). Students will compose art
images with an emphasis on creative thinking and craftsmanship.


Full Year ($30 minimum fee/$300 maximum fee - final cost dependent on participation in optional
band trip, does not include instrument rental/purchase)

Band 7 is a pre-requisite, but instructor approval for enrolment can be granted following a musical audition.
Build on playing skills through a variety of music styles, supported by team building activities in listening,
reading, creating, and valuing music. Perform in concerts and a festival. Enjoy an exciting optional
extended overnight trip. Note that Band 8 is a pre-requisite for Band 9.


Semester ($10 fee)

This course is for those who may be interested in pursuing an art career in digital cartooning or
illustration. Students will have an opportunity to build on their art abilities through line, shape, texture,
and colour with an emphasis on technologically based instruction. Students will produce various forms
of graphic art through the use of technology tools in the form of drawing software, as well as generate and
build digital portfolios.


Semester ($15 fee)

The drama program fosters a positive self-concept in students by encouraging them to explore life and
express themselves. Students will participate in a variety of speaking and non-speaking roles. They will
continue working on short plays and small group activities geared toward skill development. A final
performance is an important part of the course.


Full Year 

French 7 is a pre-requisite but if a student does not have that, instructor approval for enrolment can be
granted following an oral/written language test. A thematic approach is used to develop comprehension
skills (listening/reading) and production skills (speaking/writing). Students will be required to participate
in oral classroom activities and complete written assignments. Note that French 8 is a pre-requisite for French 9.


Semester Course ($15 minimum fee/$250 maximum fee - final cost dependent on participation in
optional leadership conference/trip)

Students will learn skills to develop and enhance their leadership capacity. Students will be required to
commit to adopting a leadership role within the school and community. This will include team leader
responsibilities in areas such as student interest groups, liaising with staff on school matters and
governance, event/activity planning and implementation, humanitarian involvement, promotions,
mentoring, school spirit, team retreats, etc.


Semester Course ($65 fee)

This course is open to students who have previously demonstrated a positive attitude and genuine interest
in physical education. Students will be exposed to a variety of sporting activities that are not part of the
regular PE program, both on and off site. It will assist students in maintaining and improving an
appropriate level of individual fitness, and will develop positive personal attributes and interpersonal skills
transferable to other areas of their lives. Please note that swimming is a required element of this course.
Students who cannot swim will be given basic skill instruction in order to participate.


Semester ($55 fee)

In this course, students will apply the importance of snacks and appetizers related to lifestyle, by making nutritious, as well as delicious, snacks and appetizers.



Semester Course ($25 fee)

The goal of the course is to build upon the foundations that students have learned in Physical Education 7
and/or Sports Acceleration 7. In addition to providing practice time, students will be instructed in proper
training for all team sports. They will also gain greater knowledge of nutrition, anaerobic and aerobic
training, as well as technical practice so they may implement personal training for their chosen team sport.